The most blatant penalty invasion ever ends with stoppage time agony in Bolivia

Are you one of those people that believe penalty kick invasions don’t really affect the opposing penalty taker? Well, you might want to change your mind after looking at this video.

The most obvious penalty invasion in the history of soccer happened in Bolivia

Club Aurora and The Strongest faced off on Wednesday in a Bolivian Copa Division Profesional group stage match that saw both teams waiting until the last minute to see the winner. And boy was it some finish.

When the score was 1-1, Club Aurora, with the help of VAR, were given a penalty in the 95th minute of the game with no stoppage time left. They had the opportunity to seal the three points from the spot.

After a plethora of complaints from The Strongest’s players, in the 98th minute, Jair Torrico stepped up to take the penalty but shot it wide. To his luck, the referee called for a re-take after The Strongest’s Adrián Jusino invaded the penalty area before Torrico had taken the shot.

He was close enough to whisper in Torrico's ear.

Following the absurd invasion, Torrico stepped up once again to shoot from the spot but this time he was denied by Guillermo Viscarra with a very good save. Jusino – very indirectly – and Viscarra avoided the loss and saved their team a point.

Fútbol will be fútbol.

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