Ooops! TV reporter says the World Cup third-place game will be played at the Mia Khalifa stadium

A Mexican TV reporter covering the 2022 World Cup has become viral after a funny slip of the tongue involving influencer and former adult entertainer Mia Khalifa.

Roberto Lopez Olvera from Grupo Imagen was on live TV talking about the third-place game between Croatia and Morocco when he mistakenly rebranded the Khalifa International Stadium – the venue of the match – as the Mia Khalifa Stadium.

This is the Khalifa Stadium.

Embed from Getty Images

And this is Mia Khalifa.

What were you thinking, Roberto?

People watching the broadcasting reacted online and laughed, of course.

Hours later, Olvera acknowledged his mistake on Twitter, posting a clip of the embarrassing moment. 

"When tiredness plays against me," he wrote jokingly. 

How to watch Croatia vs. Morocco in the United States?

The third-place game between Croatia and Morocco will be played Saturday, Dec. 17. 

Time: 10 a.m. ET

TV: Fox (English), Telemundo (Spanish)

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