What Is It Like To Watch El Clasico In Barcelona?

By: Casey Rhine

Ohhhh El Clásico, where to begin. One of soccer's most heated, yet most deeply cherished rivalries.Few of you readers get to experience El Clasico, in Barcelona, while it's happening. This was my mission on December 23rd and should be your mission on May 6th if you are not lucky enough to go to the game in the Camp Nou.

It’s Almost Comical How Quickly NBC Has Completely Alienated Its Soccer Fanbase

I’m getting so fucking tired of writing these stories. Pretty much every week, an American broadcaster is treating soccer fans like garbage. We’d love to just write a simple "How To Watch Man Utd-Arsenal" story and tell you all about the big match, but instead NBC has once again flipped the Peacock bird at all us soccer fans in the U.S.

¿Merece Di María Estar En La Selección Argentina O Ya Está Muy Viejo?

Ángel Di María, jugador del PSG, esta frustrado por no haber sido convocado por la selección argentina para disputar los primeros dos partidos de las Eliminatorias al Mundial Qatar 2022 contra Ecuador y Bolivia. Pese a estar teniendo un buen rendimiento con su club y haber sido pieza clave para que el PSG llegara a la final de la Champions, Di María no fue tomado en cuenta por el técnico de la albiceleste, Lionel Scaloni.

Di María expreso su frustración con las siguientes palabras:

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Tips — What Is The Best Formation?

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team is here and it has a different game system than its predecessor. It’s definitely more focused on strategy than speed. In order to succeed, you must have a crystal-clear game plan to execute. We have tried many different formations and here are the Top 5 that we recommend you to use and perfect the game plan.

Best Formation FIFA 21 FUT


Champions League Technical Report Reveals 10 Best Goals Of 2020

The 2019-20 UEFA Champions League technical report was released online Monday, and the 108-page report contains a wealth of information including emerging trends, tactical innovations and a review of the competition that was ultimately won by a sensational Bayern Munich squad.

No Coach Roasts His Own Players More Regularly Than Thierry Henry

In the aftermath of Thierry Henry’s disastrously short reign at Monaco, stories began to leak of the treatment the legendary striker had subjected his players to. There’s something to be said about the effectiveness of tough love, but Monaco’s squad eventually stopped responding positively to Henry’s barbs and jabs.

Five Dark Horses For The UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League (UCL) brings out a variety of emotions when you’re a spectator or player, varying from anger, frustration, anxiety and excitement for 90 minutes. The last Champions League was one that will be forever historic in the hearts of football fans. 

Every year there is that one team that captures the hearts of the football world. Everyone truly loves an underdog story. Let's take a look at some considered to be dark horses that could possibly make some major noise. 

Everton Candidato A Ganar La Premier

La temporada 2020/2021 de la Liga Premier ha arrancado con muchos, demasiados goles. El promedio por partido está siendo de 3 goles y la liga está más entretenida que nunca. En las primeras jornadas, hay un equipo que ha estado destacándose y que es una sorpresa, y es el Everton de Carlo Ancelotti. Los Toffees son los líderes de la tabla en la 5ta jornada de la liga más difícil del mundo, dejando boquiabiertos a todos. 

Craziest Moments In El Clásico History

The quickest way to spot a football fan would be to say the words El Clasico. It is known around the world and maybe the most must-see annual football event. Every time Barcelona and Real Madrid face each other there will surely be headlines in the making. The two are two of the most successful and biggest clubs in the world. El Clasico has seen some of the best players in history put on a show, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho, Zinedine Zidane and many others.