Ante Un Nuevo Fracaso De Chivas, Revive El Meme Ya, Gonzalo: ¿Cuál Es Su Origen?

El Apertura 2021 es historia para Chivas. Y no de la buena.

La escuadra dirigida por Michel Leaño cayó ante Puebla, en la ronda de repechaje y a través de una dramática tanda de lanzamientos penales. La derrota, obviamente, desató los lamentos entre los Chivahermanos, a la vez que fanáticos de otros equipos recordaron el célebre meme "Ya, Gonzalo".

Canada 2, Mexico 1: The Snowbank Celly Heard Round The World

Over halfway through Concacaf World Cup qualifying and only one nation remains unbeaten: table-topping Canada, which began this entire cycle ranked 73rd in the world and needing to navigate beyond Suriname in the first round and Haiti in the second to even be present in the Octagonal.

Christian Pulisic’s Trolling Of Memo Ochoa Was All About Commanding Respect

United States' Christian Pulisic was on target in Friday's 2-0 win over Mexico, but it was the message scrawled on his T-shirt that made headlines as the winger responded to a pre-match jibe from their North American arch rivals with one of his own.

Second-half substitute Pulisic headed home a cross within five minutes of coming on, while Weston McKennie scored another as a young U.S. team moved to the top  of the World Cup qualifying CONCACAF standings.

Pro Tip: Don’t Try To Run On The Field For A Picture With Van Dijk — You Will Get A Hefty Stiff Arm

Imagine after a bad day at the office you get questioned on what went wrong and then have some random person run up to you begging for a photo. Everyone will react differently, but I personally would react the same way that Virgil van Dijk did after his Dutch side drew with Norway 1-1 on Wednesday in World Cup qualifying.

Van Dijk’s day could have gone smoother as the big man had his finger dislocated trying to stop Erling Haaland’s opening goal.

Cannon Of A Shot Brings Down The House, Literally

There might be worse shot attempts out there, but I just haven't seen them yet. Barrow AFC's Offrande Zanzala earned top marks after his superb attempt that was just, unfortunately, a bit too high.

In a goal-scoring opportunity during the EFL Cup, Zanzala — from the corner of the box — booted a rocket that turned off the lights, literally. 

FIFA 22’s New Mini-Games Are More Mario Party Than Soccer

With the new FIFA game weeks away from release, the new mini-games will have you questioning what game you are even playing. 

If you were tired of playing regular soccer on FIFA, this is your year. With numerous new outside-the-box game modes, gather anyone who can play because it looks to be absolutely nutty.

Lionel Messi Claims Most-Liked Instagram Crown Among Athletes

After winning his first major international trophy, Lionel Messi posted a picture with a wide smile holding the Copa América trophy and it quickly became the most-liked photo of an athlete on Instagram ever.

While it isn’t shocking to see so many people come to support one of the greatest footballers ever in his first international trophy at the age of 34, it intrigued me in wondering what other athletes can garner this amount of attention and love on social media. 

Here we take a look through the most-liked social media posts made by athletes from all around the world. 

No One Is Safe From Top Russian Soccer Club's Funniest Social Media Account Ever

While FC Spartak Moscow might not be the best on the pitch or even near it, but its social media team is undefeated. The club's TikTok account has garnered over 33 million total likes throughout their posts, nearly three times the number of citizens in the home city of Moscow. They are by far the best soccer TikTok account and their videos are a must-see for any soccer fan.

This Is Your Sign To Start Making Your Child Play Soccer

As many parents strive to watch their kids succeed in everything they do, there's nothing better than getting a little too excited about your offspring playing a sport. Not only is having your child play a sport a great way to keep them active and socialize with other kids, but have you ever thought about the potential income your child can bring in from kicking a ball?

The top 50 athletes in the world combined make nearly $2.8 billion a year. If that does not persuade you to sign your kid up for your local intramural league, then maybe this will.