Watch: Viral baby holding a Truly can in USWNT win vs. Colombia

The U.S. women’s national team game against Colombia in the Concacaf Women’s Gold Cup quarterfinals on Sunday had it all. 

An early penalty call, three goals in the first half, tons of yellow cards, incredible saves and even incredible misses (cough, cough, Alex Morgan...) that lead to a statement USWNT win to advance to the tournament’s semifinals. Oh, and a baby teething on a Truly can to celebrate.

Viral baby holding a Truly can in USWNT vs. Colombia game

We’ve Truly seen it all in the stands.

In the closing minutes of the match between the USWNT and Colombia, stadium broadcasters began to show fans around BMO Stadium enjoying what was a very entertaining performance from the U.S.

Families, couples, singles, kids — everyone showed out to see the Stars and Stripes rise to the occasion. Especially the dad holding a baby holding a Truly can.

In perhaps one of the funniest clips we’ve seen this year, people present for the match in Los Angeles, as well as everyone watching from home, saw what was a baby in a carrier teething and holding a Truly can while the dad partook in chants for the USWNT.

This is what it’s all about, ladies and gentlemen.

No need to be alarmed, though. Considering the baby was able to hold the can in the first place lets us know the can was almost entirely empty or rinsed (we hope).

Simply just a baby entertaining themselves and teething with an empty can while his father enjoys the game. 

The memes and punts following the viral clip, however, did not disappoint.

USWNT baby teething with a Truly can floods social media with memes


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