18 Of The Best Ray Hudson Calls Brought To Life

Ray Hudson's Best Calls


17. “Showing him this much space is like handing the keys to the blood bank to Dracula.”


16. “Defenders try to follow him on Facebook and he comes out on Twitter, that’s how evasive he is.”


15. “As electrifying as a hairdryer thrown into a hot tub, my friend.”

14. “He could shave a mouse in his sleep and not disturb her.”


Bosnian Player Has Career Ended After Getting Nutmegged TWICE By A Dog Mid-Game

A player in Bosnia and Herzegovina probably went to sleep contemplating life on Tuesday after he was nutmegged twice by a dog during a Bosnian Premier League game. Watch as the dog nutmegs soccer player, does some extra gnawing and then goes back for seconds on the poor guy.

Concacaf Just Hit New Weirdness Level With 60-Year-Old Vice President Of Suriname Starting Himself

You read that headline correctly. The Suriname Vice President, Ronnie Brunswijk, played for 54 minutes against Honduran club giant Olimpia on Tuesday night. The club he owns and captained that night, Inter Moengotapoe, lost 6-0.

Brunswijk is officially the oldest player in the world to play in an international club competition at the spry young age of 60. Inter and Olimpia were playing in the Concacaf League, which is essentially the UEFA Europa League equivalent. 

FIFA 22 Career Mode: 10 Clubs Worth Taking Control Of

When FIFA 22 releases on Oct. 1, fans around the world will take to Career Mode to live out their dream of being Roman Abramovich, except without the $400 million yacht. The big draw in this year’s edition is the ability to create your own club, but if you’re still wondering what team should I use in FIFA 22 Career Mode, then why not inject yourself straight into some of these topsy-turvy narratives? 

El TikTok De Jurgen Damm Es Todo Lo Que Necesitas Para Saber Cómo Es La Vida Diaria De Un Futbolista

No soy soldado de TikTok. Soy viejo y no lo tengo en mi teléfono. Sin embargo, esta última semana le he estado echando un ojo a la cuenta del futbolista Jurgen Damm

Siendo honesto, llegué a él luego de ver un artículo clickbait en el que Damm -hombre cristiano, de biblia y familia- negaba conocer a Abella Danger, una mujer que recientemente asistió a uno de los partidos del Atlanta United y que, según lo que he podido averiguar para esta investigación, es una reconocida actriz del cine para adultos.

Neymar Gets Paid Millions Just For Good Behavior — What Would That Clause Look Like For Us Normal Folk?

Back in April, Paris Saint-Germain signed mercurial superstar Neymar to a contract extension to 2025 — a bit of a surprising move considering the frequent dissonance between the two parties. 

Recently the contents of this contract have been released, and the number of zeroes next to the Brazilian's salary make it abundantly clear why he stayed in France.

If You Can’t Get Enough ‘Ted Lasso,’ Watch These Interviews

On Sunday, “Ted Lasso” is up for 20 Emmy Awards. While there’s no way the show wins them all — many cast and crew are nominated for the same honor — there’s no doubt the series will bring home at least some hardware. Ahead of the award show, many of the Ted Lasso actors did interviews on late-night TV shows. I’ve compiled a bunch of the clips so that, if you’re like me and can’t get enough of the show, you can see a little more “Ted Lasso” before Season 2 comes to an end in a few weeks. 

This One Thing Is Arguably The Worst Part About Being An American Fan Of European Soccer

Being an American fan of a Premier League club or other European team has its ups and downs. On the positive side you get to watch some elite soccer in the morning/afternoon and watching games is extraordinarily simpler today than say 10 years ago.

The downs are still in existence. Rarely (if ever) getting to see your favorite team in person isn’t any fun, having to pay the NBC overlords to stroke their Peacock sucks and still having to deal with Americans that hate soccer is annoying to say the least.

Which Is The Bigger Tragedy In Trinidad? THAT U.S. Loss Or Nicki Minaj’s Cousin’s Friend’s Swollen Balls

The internet is truly the most bizarre place on the planet. If you’re out of the loop on what’s going down in pop culture, Nicki Minaj is in the media spotlight after making the claim that her cousin’s friend in Trinidad had a bad reaction to the Covid-19 vaccine that resulted in swollen testicles.

Guns, Drones And UFOs: The Craziest Reasons Football Matches Have Been Postponed

Over the years, soccer matches have been temporarily suspended for a variety of bizarre reasons, whether it be canine pitch invasions, tennis ball protests or a pig head on the pitch, but it takes a heck of a lot for an event to end a match.