The18's 2022 Summer Vibes Playlist

It's the season for porch sitting, barbecuing and lawn games, but every backyard party needs a summer vibes playlist to throw on Spotify. If you're looking for new music, we've got you covered with this 33-song playlist of recent releases.

Clocking in at just over two hours, feel free to mix yourself a cocktail, press play and enjoy a journey through rock, rap, electronic, reggaeton, indie, punk and everything else. 

The 2022-23 Premier League Ball Is A Celebration Of The League’s History

We officially have the design for the 2022-23 Premier League ball. Nike on Thursday released its latest version of the Nike Flight ball, which will be put in use for the upcoming season. The design is a throwback to the league's inaugural year in 1992, and it looks sleek

Su Nombre Es Ander: Raúl Jiménez Y Daniela Basso Presentan A Su Segundo Hijo

Si bien su presente en el Wolverhampton no es el mejor, fuera de la cancha Raúl Jiménez tuvo un par de importantes eventos que celebrar durante la semana. ¿El más relevante? El nacimiento de Ander, su segundo hijo junto a Daniela Basso.

Nace segundo hijo de Raúl Jiménez

Tanto el jugador como su pareja compartieron la noticia a través de sus redes sociales, confirmando que su nombre será Ander.

"Nos emociona mucho compartirles que nuestro bebé Ander llegó para llenar más de amor esta hermosa familia", escribieron ambos en sus respectivas cuentas de Instagram.

Está Difícil La Cosa: Futbolistas Que Venden Saludos Por Internet, ¿Cuánto Cuesta El Servicio?

Sin equipos interesados en su fútbol y completamente congelado en el FC Juárez, Marco Fabián ha empezado a explorar oportunidades fuera del campo de juego. O al menos es lo que uno entiende al ver un video del jugador, a torso descubierto, promocionando las supuestas bondades de, una plataforma online en la que celebridades venden saludos personalizados a sus usuarios.

New Balance’s Tekela V3+ Boot Brings A Whole Different Vision To The Game

Patterns of play dictate how an attack goes about breaking down a defense. Whether it’s neat passing triangles to keep possession, an overload to gain the numerical advantage or a cross-field switch to disrupt a static backline, these predetermined moves are all integral to match-winning play.

Trick Your Kids Into Loving Soccer With This New LEGO FC Barcelona Set

For whatever reason, little kids don’t seem to be too enthused over the idea of watching 22 people chase around a ball, largely fruitlessly, for an hour and a half. They’re still into being carefree, happy and imaginative rather than screaming at Federico Fernández to “f***ing get rid!” every weekend. They don’t know what they’re missing out on.

But one thing that unites all sons, daughters, nieces and nephews is their love for LEGO, and let’s be honest, that also unites all fathers, mothers, uncles and aunts. 

Footballers Holiday Photo Dump — How The Stars Spent Christmas

As the holiday season is coming to an end, many footballers celebrated with their families and posted holiday card-worthy pictures. Here is a photo dump of some of the best and most wholesome content from this holiday courtesy of our favorite players.

Footballer Christmas Photos