The Top 5 Freestylers You Didn’t Know You Needed To Follow

Watching football matches is obviously the best part of the sport, but another great part is the technical ability that some players have when it comes to the more creative side of the game rather than the tactical. Freestylers do not get enough credit for the immense amount of skill and creativity they have with the ball. Whether that's multiple around the worlds, fancy flick-ups or gravity-defying tricks, it's always quality content that'll have you mesmerized. 

Here are quality freestylers that you need to follow.

SubSoccer Tabletop Game Is The Greatest Invention Ever

SubSoccer is probably one of the greatest inventions ever for footballers to work on their foot skills without having to stand up. This sit-down table football game was developed in Finland and it needs to be installed under every table in the U.S.

This would be a great way to keep customers occupied while waiting for food and drinks or even a great date idea. Obviously now would not be the best time to have people barefoot and touching the table top, but it would definitely draw a lot of attention. It is good for all ages and a fun way to get everyone playing football.