Cristiano Ronaldo INJURED and won’t feature in final showdown vs. Lionel Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo won’t be playing against Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami on Thursday due to a calf injury said Al Nassr head coach Luis Castro. 

Castro said that Ronaldo is in the final stages of his recovery and won’t be able to play in the friendly. Many fans had dubbed the game as the “Last Dance” between two of the greatest soccer players the world has ever seen.

Why is Ronaldo not playing vs Messi’s Inter Miami

Megan Rapinoe will retire from national team and play her final game on Sept. 24th

The United States women’s national team will bid farewell to one of its biggest stars in September as Megan Rapinoe will play her final game.

When is Rapinoe's last game for USWNT?

Rapinoe’s farewell will be a friendly match against South Africa on Sept. 24 at Soldier Field in Chicago. The game is the second of two friendlies that the USWNT will play against South Africa. Rapinoe won’t feature in the first game in Cincinnati on Sept. 21.

This is one of the most satisfyingly inventive indoor goals ever

If you've played indoor soccer before, you've undoubtedly been left mad as hell at your goalkeeper for making a total mess of harmless balls smashed off the walls. The corner is a particularly dangerous area for keepers with zero foot skills, but we've also all probably seen a traditional outfield player being forced into the keeper role and getting beat by the softest of efforts.

What I've never seen before is this: a player understanding all the angles, all the realities, and purposefully hammering one off the wall to outfox a keeper coming out to usher away a chance.

Ronaldinho gets ridiculously angry after being nutmegged by a random guy

We all got used to seeing Ronaldinho Gaúcho vaporizing opponents while casting spells with his magical legs. However, there is not a lot of footage of the Brazilian having a taste of his own medicine.

That's why a rare video from freestyler and TikToker Ferjani Safi is getting viral at the speed of light. And well, the fact that O Bruxo wasn't happy about it is also helping. 

Tea Time With David Episode 25

This week in soccer news on Tea Time with David, Richarlson learns a lesson about showboating, Adidas wins the battle for best World Cup Kits, and we need to #FreePulisic2022 from the reigns of Chelsea!

Abba, A 100 Foot Cliff And Unreal Tekkers: This Caracas FC Training Video Is Everything

Sometimes, we forget just how talented professional soccer players really are. Critics write off league’s outside of Western Europe as “farmer’s leagues” absent of any technical skill or prowess, and they could not be more wrong.

As proof, I bring you La Liga Venezolana. Here, apparently, the world’s best soccer players have all gone into hiding. At least that is what it looks like from this training video released by Caracas FC, which pairs some impressive technique with the most immaculate vibes I have ever seen. 

Freestyler Megs Kevin De Bruyne And Belgian Star Couldn’t Have Looked More Pissed Off

Kevin De Bruyne didn’t have the greatest week. For starters he’s gone on record to say he hates the UEFA Nations League calling the tournament “glorified friendlies”, then he and Belgium got embarrassed at home in a 4-1 defeat to the Netherlands on Friday and to top it all off a De Bruyne nutmeg video has gone viral.

Neymar Got Absolutely Destroyed By Freestyler And Professional Nutmegger Lisa Zimouche

The number of players destroyed by Neymar's skills is too long to start counting. The Brazilian star is a devil with the ball at his feet, and being one-on-one against him is certainly a nightmare you don't want to live. 

But despite his endless set of abilities, Neymar himself is not immune to other players' skills. And that's what we learned this week when freestyler Lisa Zimouche collected his soul after an epic nutmeg. 

Quizás No Lo Sabías, Pero Las Clasificatorias Para El Mundial De Fútbol Freestyle Están Abiertas

Si el balón es tu amigo y tienes habilidades inusuales dominándolo, quizás quieras saber que las clasificatorias nacionales para el Mundial de Fútbol Freestyle Red Bull están abiertas.

El torneo es probablemente el más importante de la categoría y en 2022 vivirá su final en Croacia. 

Requisitos Clasificatorias Mundial de Fútbol Freestyle Red Bull 2022

La competencia se dividirá por género (hombres y mujeres) y tendrá fases nacionales y regionales antes de determinar a los finalistas de una disciplina que sueña con convertirse en deporte olímpico.