This is one of the most satisfyingly inventive indoor goals ever

If you've played indoor soccer before, you've undoubtedly been left mad as hell at your goalkeeper for making a total mess of harmless balls smashed off the walls. The corner is a particularly dangerous area for keepers with zero foot skills, but we've also all probably seen a traditional outfield player being forced into the keeper role and getting beat by the softest of efforts.

What I've never seen before is this: a player understanding all the angles, all the realities, and purposefully hammering one off the wall to outfox a keeper coming out to usher away a chance.

I've also never played with a 16-year-old Dutch prodigy before. Clearly AZ Alkmaar's Kees Smit is able to see and execute on things that hungover weekend warriors cannot.

He's not bad at the 11-on-11 version of the game either. 

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