Fastest Goals Scored From Kickoff

In this video, we take a look at a few of the fastest goals ever scored in professional soccer games. Alex Morgan tallied her fastest goal around 10 seconds after the U.S. began playing Costa Rica. Not to be outdone, Saudi Arabian Nawaf Al-Abed scored just 2 seconds into his match.

Fulham’s Inability To Convert A Penalty Has Become The Story Of The Season

Fulham supporters will be forgiven for thinking their penalty takers are cursed after winger Ivan Cavaleiro became the third player to miss from the spot this season for the promoted Premier League side.

With his team awarded a spot kick while trailing 3-1 at home to Everton on Sunday, Portuguese Cavaleiro slipped in his run-up, kicked the ball onto his own foot and watched it balloon over the crossbar.

Cavaleiro Penalty Miss (@ 8:00) 

Robot Camera Ruins Soccer Match

A robot camera just ruined a soccer match in Scotland. The camera uses artificial intelligence to track the soccer ball throughout the match. But in a recent fixture between Inverness Caledonian Thistle and Ayr United the camera kept getting confused by the linesman's bald head. Since fans were not allowed in the stadium the only way to watch the match was the televised broadcast. However, for a good chunk of the time, all the viewers could watch was the linesman running up and down the sideline. The home club (Thistle) recently switched from human camera operators to the new A.I.

Thibaut Courtois Scores On Himself From A Difficult Angle

My favorite Thibaut Courtois moments are when he looks like Frankenstein’s monster, letting out a world-weary scream while the football rolls through his way-too-long-legs.

“Why would my creator make me like this?! All men hate the wretched; how, then, must I be hated, who am miserable beyond all living things!” Courtois can frequently be heard saying. 

Watch Player Get Sent Off For… Getting The Ball Back From Out Of Bounds?

The Édgar Méndez red card that took place in the 34th minute between Alavés and Levante will be a strong contender for the oddest sending off of the season.

Méndez was shown his first yellow card in the 24th minute. Then, ten minutes later, he was bizarrely booked a second time and given a red card after retrieving a ball that went out of bounds and passing it onto the field.

Watching Players Struggle To Kick Field Goals Is The Best New TikTok Trend

Soccer players kicking field goals should be a no-brainer. I firmly believe that becoming a kicker in the NFL is a viable back-up career for soccer players that retire or don’t make the cut. Look at Cairo Santos — he was born in Brazil and initially wanted to become a soccer player. That dream died and then boom, he transferred his abilities to American football and will now make $1 million this season kicking for the Chicago Bears.

Incredible Scenes As Dolphins Return To Hotspur Stadium And Show Off Their Diving Skills

Don’t let Gareth Bale scoring Tottenham’s game-winning goal against Brighton on Sunday distract you from Harry Kane and Son Heung-min’s abysmal flopping performance. In the span of ten seconds, the world was treated to two pathetic Kane and Son flops.