Hilariously Unsporting Play Leads To Two-Goal Comeback In German Third Division

Languishing in last place in the German third division and trailing Meppen 2-0 on Saturday, Carl Zeiss Jena scored the kind of goal that only a club staring relegation square in the face could appreciate. 

To be fair to Carl Zeiss Jena goal scorer Soeren Eismann, he’s done nothing wrong here. Modern protocol in this sort of situation dictates that since it’s not a head injury, Meppen should continue playing. However, they take the old school approach, probably because they’re winning 2-0 and don’t care if the opponent writhing on the ground is feigning injury, and demand play be stopped. 

Eismann doesn’t need an invitation, his club just desperately needs a goal and he's there to provide it. Although he looks like a giant ass, this is your classic case of playing to the whistle — a truism that makes me want to put my head inside an ever-tightening vice. 

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