This Goal In Russia Proves That Nice Guys Finish Last

You are supposed to kick the ball out of bounds when an opponent gets legitimately hurt during a soccer match so the medical staff can tend to the injured person. You are not supposed to take the ball from the injured person and try to score a goal. That is considered bad sportsmanship.

And yet, that's what Arsenal Tula did in extra time against Terek Grozny in the Russian Premier League. The did not do good sportsmanship. They did bad sportsmanship. They also won the game, because there are no truly black and white decisions in this crazy mixed-up universe of ours.

In a just universe, Terek Grozny would have taken the ball from Arsenal Tula, kicked it respectfully out of bounds so their injured player could be tended to, kicked it out again when an Arsenal Tula player went down to demonstrate how sportsmanship is supposed to be done and then scored the winner after the restart. But this is not a just universe. Chaos reigns and so does not kicking the ball out of bounds when a player gets injured.

Watch your backs out there. Heads on swivels. Nothing and nowhere is safe.

(H/T Deadspin)

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