This Is What Happens When You Put Ronaldo In Grand Theft Auto 5. (It's Ridiculous.)

Cristiano Ronaldo, thanks to some video trickeration, became a GTA 5 character and it was thoroughly entertaining.

This might just be the pinnacle of human cinema. Cristiano Ronaldo was dropped into Grand Theft Auto 5 and proceeded to do GTA 5 stuff. 

If you don't know what qualifies as "GTA 5 stuff," look no further than the part of the video in which Ronaldo hits the guy off the motorcycle with a soccer ball and the guy gets run over.

Mercifully, the creator, @thefifa11videos, tastefully refrained from having Ronaldo partake in other GTA 5 activities, such as soliciting prostitutes, sniping people from the top of a tall building/crane, or stealing helicopters. So Ronaldo (for the most part) keeps his good name intact.

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