Top Soccer Reads Of The Week: The Soccer Community Responds To The Paris Attacks

We didn't have a "Top Reads" last week because we were busy following the Paris attacks. And, just like France and soccer, we're back and on a mission. So here we go with the top soccer reads of the week.

Paris Attacks, BlazerCon and Some Cool Socks

1. The French and German national teams spent the night in the Stade de France. The New York Times chronicles their night.

2. Futbol is a Country charted the history of the Stade de France, home to many great sporting events, and now one terrible one.

3. Various outlets weighed in on the much-hyped BlazerCon that took place over the weekend. You can read The New Republic here, Awful Announcing here and The Washington Post here. And we would be remiss/stupid if we didn't include ours as well.

4. England-France served as a message to terrorists that they will not win, says The Telegraph.

5. Arsene Wengler is soccer's philosopher king. Vice Sports has his story.

6. "A Defiant France Refuses To Let ISIS Destroy Soccer." Esquire on the game that was more than a game.

7. The USMNT was once a club team. Seriously. on why it didn't work.

8. The Gentleman Ultra brings us the story of a club team based on "The Bog Lebowski."

9. Alan Nicholls, the star who never got to shine. The Guardian looks at his life, career, and final hours.

10. Some footballers are wearing TruSox even though they get fined for it. Sports Illustrated found out why.

Bonus: chech out thew burgeoning bromance between Lionel Messi and Jose Bautista.

Top Of The18

1. England-France, and sports as the most important least important thing.

2. Steven Gerrard, his penis, and a very weird moment in a very ordinary athlete autobiography.

3. A very fast goal by a very bad team. 

4. Messi has one pass that's pretty close to unstoppable.

5. We try and find the best free-kick taker in the world.

That's it, y'all Have a safe weekend. Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

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