When Will The NWSL Release Merch To Retail Stores?

The NWSL has been around since 2012, but has anyone noticed that you can barely find any NWSL gear in stores? As the league is growing and fan bases are expanding, it's about time you're able to walk into a soccer shop or Dick’s Sporting Goods and able to pick out your favorite NWSL jersey or hoodie or even flannel to represent your club. 

There's definitely a benefit to having all sales go through the NWSL shop website, but it would be nice to have the option to physically pick out an item in a store. Additionally, having branded gear in stores will increase awareness to sports enthusiasts that may not be too familiar with the league. The USWNT has finally found its merchandise in several soccer shops and sporting good stores, and it's time for the NWSL to have the same privilege. 

As the NWSL is expanding and popularity is rising, there are fans and footballers that would definitely purchase NWSL attire; I know I would. So if anyone from the NWSL happens to see this, this is a request to get NWSL items in stores!

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