Angel City Partners With DoorDash As Its Official Jersey Sponsor

Angel City FC will join the National Women’s Soccer League in 2022. The team has several high profile owners, including Natalie Portman, Eva Longoria and Mia Hamm. As these inspirational women are trying to increase opportunities for female footballers, the future of the NWSL is growing in a direction that will only support these athletes and give them equal opportunities. 

The addition of another NWSL team is amazing to see, and the increase in fan bases for these new sides truly shows how the NWSL is growing.

The future of Angel City is coming together, and they've now officially partnered with food-delivery service DoorDash as the primary kit sponsor. It's the most lucrative multi-year jersey deal in the league. The DoorDash logo will appear on Angel City’s home and away jerseys, as well as their travel attire. The design and colors of the inaugural jerseys will hopefully be released this summer. 

Angel City will give 10% of the deal to local causes through donations, and they will deliver 250,000 meals to those in need in their first year of partnership. The partnership with DoorDash will allow Angel City and its community to work together and help those around them, both on and off the field.

As food insecurity is a major global issue, this is just a small step to help a local community and Angel City will be representing a great organization. As we wait for the debut of these jerseys, we can only image what DoorDash has in store for branding. This is great exposure for DoorDash and a great start for the newly formed club.

Angel City has not even played a game yet, but they have a strong support system of several men and women looking to help the women's game succeed and allow for equal opportunity. 

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