Kyoto Sanga Scored The Best Collective Goal Of The Season — An Ode To Tiki-Taka

Last weekend, the Japanese club Kyoto Sanga scored one of the most sensational collective goals of the season, and it didn't make a bleep in the Western Hemisphere. Today we are not here to talk about the systemic reasons behind this omission but to make justice and show this side of the world the beauty of this sensational golazo.

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Kyoto Sanga goal vs Kashiwa Reysol

The goal was the first of the two with which Kyoto Sanga beat Kashiwa Reysol in J1 League Matchday 9.

The sequence includes at least 11 passes across the whole field before left fullback Takuya Ogiwara buried the ball into the net. 

What impresses me the most about the play is the nerve, the composure of Kyoto Sanga's defenders and goalkeeper, passing the ball as they were walking on a tightrope before launching the attack. 

I don't know if Barcelona or Manchester City, in their prime, would have been able to pull off something similar. 

For Kyoto Sanga players, I'm sure the goal also served as sweet and symbolic revenge for what happened three years ago when both teams were in J2 League, and Kashiwa Reysol trounced Kyoto Sanga with a monumental 13-1 win, the biggest rout in JLeague history. 

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