Jack Grealish Has A Fabulously Symmetrical Face, And He Has No Idea What That Means

Do you know what “symmetrical” means? If you answered yes, congratulations. You already are smarter than Man City forward Jack Grealish.

After his $130 million move from Aston Villa, Grealish fully entered the spotlight and immediately made a name for himself. Clips of the Birmingham native have gone viral online, but not because of his dazzling runs or incisive passes. Misunderstandings in interviews, hilarious quotes and general “no thoughts, head empty” moments make Jack a likable and relatable character for younger generations. 

He always seems to have the vibe of a party boy who spent too much time on his hair and not enough on his homework. He’s a footballer, through and through, and perhaps he’s fortunate he doesn’t have to be able to hold a conversation for an hour. He’s good with his feet (and massive calves too) and that’s what's important. Jack does his job on the pitch, and off it he lives his life however he wants. He’s a content gold mine for the England squad as well as Man City while also being one of the most prolific attackers in Europe.

How does he do it? Good luck getting a good answer out of him.

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