Italian Legend Mocks Cristiano Ronaldo

Francesco Totti is arguably the greatest living Italian soccer player, and he just made fun of Cristiano Ronaldo’s proudest moment.

Francesco Totti is a modern day hero of Italian soccer. He is one of the last one-club superstars in the world, having played for AS Roma since 1992. Yes, 1992, as in the year after I was born, 1992. As in the same year that the Barclay’s English Premier League was founded, 1992.

Those 24 years have seen him don the red and yellow 251 times and score 158 goals. He is a legend, and the face, body, heart and soul of AS Roma.

It’s good to see that all of that hasn’t hindered his sense of humor one bit.

Does that look familiar? Because it should.

Yes, Totti has officially mocked Cristiano Ronaldo’s proudest moment of the year. It wasn’t tastelessly contrived, it was just funny. That’s class people. That’s class. Carry on Totti, with videos like these, we wouldn’t care if you retired tomorrow. 

Ok, you got us. Please Totti, never retire. 

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