With Great Sadness, We Report Everyone's Favorite Giraffe Is Retiring From Football

Peter Crouch tweeted out Friday morning that he plans to retire from professional soccer at the age of 38.

The English forward, who is famous for his large height (6-7) and delicate touch, has been playing in England (Championship and Premier League) for almost two decades.

Crouch finished his career with 108 goals in 468 appearances in the Premier League, putting him in 20th and 24th place all-time in each respective category. The ageless giraffe played for seven different Premier League clubs over his career, with his longest tenured team being Stoke City, where he played for eight years.

While never a prolific scorer, Crouch certainly scored some worldies in the Premier League.

Not to mention this wonder-goal in the Champions League:

He also showed up when playing for his country, scoring an impressive 22 goals in 42 games with the English national team.

His former teammates have come out in droves to congratulate him:

Crouch has yet to share his plans post-soccer.

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