EA Says Please Don’t Rage Quit FIFA 22 After Banning Over 30,000 Players

So how’s everyone enjoying FIFA 22 online then? For the 30,000+ players who were recently issued a seven-day ban for exploiting a FIFA Ultimate Team loophole — giving EA a little taste of its own medicine — I’d venture to say not very much. 

Recently, users discovered that quitting a FUT Champions match didn’t result in a loss. EA resolved the issue, identified users who’d consistently quit without suffering a loss and hit them with the ban. Some players complained on Twitter that their ban was a lot longer than seven days — 993 days longer, to be exact. 

FIFA has always been a notoriously sweaty experience, and this year’s edition is no different with a metacritic score of 78%. It’s a flawed game, but EA doesn’t want you to focus on that (focus on micro-transactions instead).

In partnership with Sheffield FC (the world’s oldest club with a founding date of 1857), FIFA is calling on us all to clean up online play by no longer rage quitting, skipping replays and not pressing “pause” all the time.

Will this work? No. But will it reduce rage quits by even one or two rage quits? Again, no. 

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