Comoros’ 30-Year-Old Goalkeeper Goes Full Matrix With Astonishing Saves In MOTM Performance

He plays in the FIFTH tier of France.

A player on the losing team receiving the Man of the Match award rarely happens in soccer. Despite the rarity of the situation, it was the only possible outcome after Friday’s AFCON game between Morocco and Comoros. Salim Ben Boina, the 30-year-old Comoros goalkeeper, had one of the most spectacular performances AFCON has seen during his side’s 2-0 defeat.

Morocco should have won Friday’s group stage game by a minimum of 6-0, however Boina consistently produced miracle saves to keep his country — ranked No. 132 in the world and competing in its first ever AFCON — in the game.

Boina conceded early in the first half as Morocco’s Selim Amallah found the back of the net in the 16th minute.

Later in the first half Boina saw a header rattle his crossbar, which he was then able to slap off the line.

The second half was when the 30-year-old who plays in the fifth tier of France came to life.

Comoros Goalkeeper Save Compilation

Flying Kick Save (Fast-Forward to 18 seconds)

Point-Blank Save/Hakimi Free Kick Denied/Triple Save/Penalty Save

Morocco put the nail in the coffin during the final minutes of the game as Zakaria Aboukhlal doubled the lead. Despite the loss, Boina was still given the Man of the Match award with no complaints.

Boina and Comoros will play their last group-stage game against Ghana on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Morocco has secured a place in the knockout stages.

Morocco vs. Comoros Full Highlights

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