In 2019 Bedoya Yelled Into A Field Mic For Congress To End Gun Violence — In 2022 Nothing Has Changed

In August 2019, Philadelphia Union captain and former USMNT player Alejandro Bedoya scored against D.C. United, ran to a field microphone and called on Congress for an end to gun violence. Three years later nothing has changed and Bedoya — heartbroken with the rest of the nation after Tuesday's shooting at Robb Elementary School left 21 dead — reposted his clip from 2019.

Here’s the real kicker. Can you remember what shooting Bedoya was referencing when he yelled that statement in 2019? Some of you will remember, but plenty of others will struggle to recall which shooting he was talking about.

America has a problem.

Something about Bedoya replying to his own self from three years ago crying out the same message has struck a chord with me. This country has made no progress against mass shootings and never will.

Let’s just continue our same bullshit routine, shall we? We’ll cry for another batch of innocent lives massacred, both sides of the aisle will tell each other to go fuck themselves for a while, people will move on in three or four weeks and nothing will change.

Bedoya wasn’t the only soccer personality reacting to Tuesday’s news; here’s some other soccer voices talking about the shooting at Robb Elementary School.

Soccer World’s Reaction To Uvalde Shooting

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