Watch: Video of two romantic Arsenal fans dancing goes viral after win vs. Chelsea

A viral video of two Arsenal fans dancing after their side’s 5-0 Premier League victory vs. Chelsea has been a topic of discussion in the soccer world.

While Chelsea fans were left holding signs begging their team to perform better, two Arsenal lovebirds tangoed the night away after their club’s biggest league win against their London rivals.

What other sport in the world could have fans reacting like this?

Arsenal fans dancing after defeating Chelsea 5-0

Surprisingly there were mixed reactions online to the clip. I don’t know why I say “surprisingly” honestly, there will always be haters out there.

The johnny rainclouds of the world called the video “cringey” and “stupid.” Can you blame them though? They’ve never felt the touch of a significant other in their life so how could they possibly understand the beauty and joy of the video?

Many fans did show appreciation and even some envy of the two Arsenal fans enjoying a memorable night out.

For time being Arsenal remain top of the Premier League. Manchester City look to cut the music as their 4-0 victory vs. Brighton on Thursday puts them one point behind Arsenal with a game in hand.

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