Iranian Player Scores Absurd 40-Yard Somersault Throw-In Goal

All you have to do is not touch the ball goalkeeper, got it?

An Iranian player scored the furthest somersault throw-in goal that you will ever see during a Persian Gulf Pro League game on Monday. 

The game was between Paykan and Gol Gohar. In the seventh-minute, Paykan unleashed its secret weapon. The Iranian club has a player who has never skipped arm day, has cannons for hands and can execute a perfect somersault throw-in.

This technique can turn any ordinary throw-in into a set piece opportunity. The only downside is that a player can’t score directly off a throw-in. Another player has to touch the ball before it crosses the line.

In Paykan’s game against Gol Gohar, it appeared for a moment that one of the longest somersault throw-ins wouldn’t count as a goal. Then, in a moment of pure panic, the opposing goalkeeper decided that such a beautiful heave deserved a goal.

The goalkeeper’s error was chalked up as an own goal and his team went on to lose 2-1. Ouch.

As for the player who threw the ball, all of Iran will be wondering where this throw-in legend was when they needed him at the 2018 World Cup. Instead of having a player able to throw a 40-yard dime into the box, Iran got whatever Milad Mohammadi tried against Spain.

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