‘You want to come coach this team?’ Timbers announcer apologizes for hot mic moment

The Portland Timbers secured a 4-2 victory Wednesday night but not before trailing 2-0 at halftime and having a hot mic fail with the broadcast.

The Timbers have been uncharacteristically poor this season. Heading into the game vs. San Jose Earthquakes they were without a win in their previous nine games. Yes, it had been two months since Portland secured three points from a game.

At halftime San Jose led 2-0, the home fans booed the Timbers off the field and Portland announcer Adam Susman had some justified criticism for his side. The only issue was he thought the microphones were off.

Portland Timbers announcer hot mic moment

Phil Neville became head coach of the Timbers in November, and his signing wasn’t met with much excitement by fans. His last stint in MLS was with Inter Miami where he oversaw 90 games, winning just 35 and losing 42.

The Herons were last in the league when he was fired in June 2023.

His tenure in Portland has been just as bleak so far with the Timbers conceding 27 goals through 13 games. Only San Jose have allowed more.

Susman’s hot mic comment seemed just in the eyes of many Timbers fans. Susman was professional about the slip up and publicly apologized via social media.

"There was a hot-mic moment before the halftime show of Portland vs San Jose tonight. I want to hop in front of it and let everyone know it was me. I’m extremely sorry and embarrassed it happened.

I try to be objective but ultimately, I prefer when the Timbers win. Based on the scoreline at half I was frustrated, making an ill-fated joke to my producer.

I don’t want this mistake to define the amount of work I’ve put in and will continue to put in. I love being part of the radio team and upset with myself I put that in jeopardy.

I’m most of all sorry to Phil Neville who is kind enough to give me time before every match for a one-on-one interview and I’ve learned so much about the game from him already. I see how much he gives behind the scenes and his level of care for this club is more than anyone."

Susman has been met with support from fans as mistakes happen and there have been way worse hot mic sports moments in recent history… And there’s a drive into deep left by Castellanos.

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