Watch: Petty Peruvian club shuts stadium lights off after rivals win the league title

Peruvian club Universitario celebrated their Liga 1 title in the dark on Wednesday after their opponents Alianza Lima shut the stadium lights off at the full-time whistle. The Peru club turns off lights and called it a season.

Peru club turns off lights

The Liga 1 final is a two-legged championship between the two teams that top the table in the Apertura and Clausura. The first leg was played at Universitario’s Estadio Monumental “U” and ended in a 1-1 draw.

In the eyes of Alianza Lima this was great news. The hard part of playing away was done and now all they needed was to bring home the championship on their own turf. It didn’t go to plan as they lost 2-0 on Wednesday.

Seeing someone else celebrate the championship in their stadium wasn’t on the schedule and the folks in charge of the lights tried to put an immediate end to the party.

There have been reports that a power outage was the problem, but nobody is buying that one. You’re telling us the lights just so happen to go out right as the game ends? Sure….

In the end it will work out in Universitario fans' favor as the official trophy ceremony will now take place at their home stadium on Sunday. This was the club’s first title since 2013 so to lift the trophy at home will make it even better.

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