Kansas football player has been studying Neymar with flop of the year performance

The art of flopping is attempted by many, mastered by few. Only the greats like Neymar and Arjen Robben can place themselves upon the Mount Rushmore of flops as their admirers can merely attempt to recreate their mastery.

One Kansas football player has put his name on the ballot for the best flop of 2023. During a bowl game between Kansas and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, the Jayhawk player summoned his inner Neymar after being lightly touched on the sideline.

Kansas football player flops after being slightly touched

The player in question is junior cornerback Cobee Bryant. He’s still an actor in training as his performance didn’t move the referees enough.

A flag was thrown however it was an unsportsmanlike conduct called on Kansas. If we were to guess we’d say the penalty was for one the Kansas players on the sideline pretending to be a fireman and using his Gatorade bottle as a hose.

If Bryant truly wants to be among the greatest floppers in the game, then he’ll need to incorporate more rolls into his act.

We’ll leave you with a superb example of said rolling from the king of flops himself: Mr. Neymar.

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