Watch: Lionel Messi’s 8-year-old son scores insane bicycle kick for Inter Miami’s youth team

Lionel Messi’s illustrious career is in its final chapters, and it’s widely agreed the world won’t ever see another talent like Leo. Some recent Mateo Messi highlights, the Inter Miami star’s 8-year-old middle child, have fans excited that he could fill his father’s massive shoes.

Mateo plays for Inter Miami’s youth team and scored a sensational bicycle kick that every kid goes to bed dreaming about.

Mateo Messi bicycle kick goal

That’s a better bicycle kick than his father has scored in his entire career! Messi scores some amazing goals, but bicycle kicks aren’t his specialty.

Mateo has mastered the skill move at just eight years old. The Argentine youngster has a long way to go, but some of his highlights look like his father’s moves.

Mateo is one of three sons that Lionel and his wife Antonella have. Mateo, 8, and Thiago, 11, both play for Inter Miami’s youth squads. Their third son Ciro is 5.

We’ll be checking back in 10 years to see if the boys are following in the footsteps of their legendary father.

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