Watch Adorable Bear Play Soccer, Frolic In Snow

The weather in Boulder, Colorado, where The18 is headquartered, has been nothing short of miserable this week. Since a snowstorm blew in on Sunday, the temperature hasn’t gone above freezing, with windchills dipping below zero. Boulder has received 16 inches of snow since Sunday in an unusually cold end to October. (Thanks climate change!)

But soccer stops for no Old Man Winter.

Despite the frigid temps and the near-constant snow, there was still time for soccer for one fuzzy bear. Scott Willhite, a local artist, filmed this bear playing with a nerf soccer ball in his backyard. 

Without a care in the world, this adorable animal frolicked with the soccer ball like a young Alexis Sanchez before life in the Premier League zapped him of his charm and joy for life. 

Admittedly, the bear toiled a bit too long on the ball, perhaps wasting time like Sanchez’s former club Manchester United (he’s currently on loan at Inter Milan).

The bear’s ball skills were pretty good considering the slippery conditions, never letting the ball get far away like Lionel Messi dribbling down the pitch. Honestly, Arsenal could use a player like this, someone who can focus on the task at hand no matter what might be going on elsewhere

One can’t help but feel inspired by this bear playing soccer, someone who ignores the elements for the love of the game. In fact, I’m going to go outside and play in the snow myself right now.

Naw, just kidding. It’s too damn cold for that.

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