When Is Ted Lasso Season 3 Release Date? Here’s The Latest

If you’re anything like me, you’re going through “Ted Lasso” withdrawals. It’s been more than a year since the hilarious and heartwarming comedy began Season 2, so everyone and my mom (literally) is trying to figure out the Ted Lasso Season 3 release date. 

We regret to inform you there is no confirmed Ted Lasso Season 3 release date at this time, but we have an idea of when it will come out on Apple TV+.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Release Date

Late 2022

Though Apple TV has not yet announced the Ted Lasso Season 3 release date, we know a few things about the show. 

For starters, we know Ted Lasso Season 3 began filming in London on March 6. Additionally, Season 3 will likely be 12 episodes, though that could fluctuate. 

Season 1 was released in August 2020 while Season 2 began July 2021. The Ted Lasso Season 3 release date will be later than the first two seasons. Current estimates put the launch date at November 2022 or later, though nothing is confirmed.

We can say it will not be in the next month. For both Season 1 and Season 2, Apple TV+ released a trailer about a month before release date. When we finally get the Season 3 trailer, we’ll probably know the season will be following imminently. 

As a reminder, Apple TV+ releases one episode weekly, so it takes about three months before the full season is released. The reason for this is simple: Apple wants your subscription fees for as long as possible. Fortunately, if you’ve bought a new Apple product recently, you probably have a coupon for a few months free. If not, Apple TV+ isn’t too expensive at $4.99 per month. Plus, Apple TV will soon be the home of Major League Soccer

Is Ted Lasso Season 3 The Last Season?

Sadly, it appears Ted Lasso Season 3 will be the final season of the beloved series. Brett Goldstein, who is a writer on the show and plays Roy Kent, said Season 3 is being written as the last season, which Hannah Waddingham (Rebecca Welton) seemed to confirm. You have to appreciate the creators’ integrity to stick with a plan and carry it out, as much as we might want 10 more seasons of Ted Lasso. That said, there have been whispers that the team could decide to come back for more. 

While it will be sad to say goodbye to Ted Lasso and Co., I don’t think we can rule out spinoffs. The show is so wildly popular and Apple TV+ so hungry for streaming subscriptions, I wouldn’t be shocked if we see a Frasier-esque spinoff in the future. Or maybe they go the other direction and have a British soccer coach come to America to coach in the NFL. 

Will There Be Ted Lasso Season 3 Cameos?

Ted Lasso featured a few cameos throughout its first two seasons, mostly of former footballers. For instance, former players Thierry Henry and Gary Lineker appear in a Season 2 episode to haunt Coach Beard, and former referee Mike Dean made an appearance to officiate a match. 

While no cameos have been confirmed for Season 3 as of yet, we know one cameo that will not happen. Leeds United coach Jesse Marsch, who has repeatedly been compared to Ted Lasso despite his own protestations, said he turned down an opportunity to appear in Ted Lasso Season 3. Marsch said he hasn’t even watched Ted Lasso. 

“They were filming in London, and they gave me an invitation but it was in the middle of the relegation fight,” Marsch said on SportsCenter. “But I’m a huge Jason Sudekis fan and so any time I could be on set or see what’s going on, that would be really awesome.

“I haven’t (had time to watch the series). I’ve heard it’s a really great show. I’ve heard it’s inspiring and a lot of people love it. I’ll have to find some time to watch it.”

Hopefully we’ll soon have a Ted Lasso Season 3 release date to unveil, at which point we can inform Jesse Marsch so he can binge watch the first two seasons to finally figure out why everyone is comparing him to a fictional coach from Kansas.

What Will Happen In Ted Lasso Season 3?

While it’s impossible to predict what will happen in the series’ final season, we can expect some loose ends to be tied up. (Note: some spoilers through Season 2 ahead.)

Ted Lasso Season 3 Release Date

Expect to see some rollercoasters of emotion throughout the season, with AFC Richmond back in the Premier League and Nate coaching West Ham, now owned by Rupert. It feels like the series has been setting up a Leicester City-esque run to the Premier League title for Richmond, though a much more believable scenario would be for the Greyhounds to win the FA Cup after coming so close last season. 

Other storylines we can expect to see more of include: 

  • The Ted-Nate and Rebecca-Rupert rivalries
  • Roy and Keeley’s relationship
  • Sam and Rebecca’s relationship
  • Jamie Tartt’s continuing maturation
  • Ted coming to grips with his past traumas

There are many theories online that Ted and Rebecca will end up together, though I don’t put much stock into them. It’s possible to have a platonic relationship with a coworker of the opposite gender. It would be weird for Ted to go from married to sleeping with Rebecca’s best friend to ending up with Rebecca, not to mention Rebecca and Sam still have to figure out their relationship. 

Will Roy and Keeley be able to maintain their relationship? Will Nate be given a redemption arc? Will Trent Crimm find another job after he was fired from The Independent? We’ll just have to wait for the Ted Lasso Season 3 release date to find out.

And hopefully my mom reads this so she knows all the latest about the series.

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