Offside Trap Fail! Andorra Gives Us A Tutorial On How NOT To Do An Offside Trap

Shocking, the country ranked 153rd in the world might not be that good.

The UEFA Nations League has plenty of haters, including some players who hate the tournament.

I for one am a massive fan of the glorified friendlies cup as it gives us a chance to see some incredible stuff on the lower end of the league.

Andorra and Latvia faced off on Friday and the tiny nation between France and Spain (Andorra for any non-geography savvy readers) gave us a tutorial on why the offside trap is risky business. Andorra’s failed offside trap gave Latvia its second goal in a 3-0 defeat.

Andorra’s Offside Trap Fail

The play was reviewed, and the goal would stand despite initially being called offside. Back to the drawing board for Andorra.

If you want to see what a successful offside trap looks like, then check out what Japan did to Senegal in the 2018 World Cup.

For any concerned Andorra fans out there, your team now sits bottom of League D Group 1 behind mighty teams like Liechtenstein, Moldova and Latvia.

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