Mexican National Team Players Prove Olympic ‘Anti-Sex’ Beds Can Handle A Lusty Olympic Boink

The idea of sex in the Olympic village was taboo for a while but is now a well-known occurrence. When news spread that this year's Olympic beds were partly made of cardboard, rumors spread that this was imposed to discourage athletes from doing the dirty. Several athletes and players from Mexico’s Olympic soccer squad have debunked the Olympic anti-sex bed rumors. The Mexico national team Olympic bed video has since gone viral.

Three Mexican players — Jesús Angulo, Adrián Mora and José Esquivel — posted the video of the players testing out the durability of an Olympic bed. It’s quite clear that these beds are more than prepared for all the love-making that will take place in Tokyo this summer.

The snippet of the video comes from Angulo’s vlog that he posted of the Mexican national team arriving at the Olympic village and checking out their living quarters. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, it’s definitely worth the watch.

The whole anti-sex bed rumor started from American distance-runner Paul Chelimo, who tweeted about the beds on July 16.

The rumor that the Olympics had the audacity to try to limit athletes from boinking spread like wildfire. This led to multiple athletes posting videos of them testing out the beds and the Olympics’ official twitter account even replied to Irish gymnast Rhys McClenaghan.

The reason that the beds are partly made of cardboard is for sustainability. Every aspect of the bed is made of renewable materials but still meant to be comfortable. As seen from the Mexico national team Olympic bed video, the things can withstand the weight.

Mexico opened up the Olympics with a huge 4-1 victory against France and will play Japan on Sunday.

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