USMNT mobbing Matt Turner after revealing his baby will be a girl is all the wholesomeness you need

There were plenty of warranted critiques of the United States men’s national team after their less than impressive 1-0 victory vs. El Salvador on Monday. While certain areas of the game were lacking for the USMNT, they certainly had no shortage of comradery during the Matt Turner gender reveal celebration after the game.

Turner and his wife, Ashley Herron, are expecting their second child. They already have a son, Easton, who was born in June 2022. 

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After the Concacaf Nations League victory the entire team gathered around Turner who held a ball filled with powder. The Arsenal goalkeeper booted the sphere to unleash a cloud of pink.

Matt and Ashley are having a girl!

The reaction from everyone was priceless.

Matt Turner gender reveal celebration

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This is the type of team chemistry and support we love to see. It’s clear the USMNT is a supportive brotherhood.

Turner admitted to GOAL that he was feeling the pressure before the reveal.

"I was nervous for sure," Turner told GOAL. "But it's like an excitement kind of nervous. You just want to know because I just like knowing! It's a good feeling to know that we're gonna have a little baby girl and I think I'm in big, big trouble in the future. She's gonna have me wrapped around her finger!"

We’re also glad that the U.S. pulled out the victory. How awkward would that have been to do the gender reveal had El Salvador won and eliminated Turner and company?

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