Chelsea Player Attempts Home Workout But Her Dog Steals The Show

In these troubling times of self-isolation and social distancing, many soccer stars are showcasing either their toilet-paper juggling skills or some home workouts, showing their readiness to return to the pitch.

Chelsea Women defender Maria Thorisdottir was the latest to take her shot at a work out video.

But her golden retriever, Theo, had other plans.

Since Theo is undoubtedly enjoying his enormous amount of time with his human, he just can’t help trying to help or love Thorisdottir during her workout.  

Theo eventually became a furry weight for the Norwegian to squat while proving there are still happy endings in these hard times.

This wasn't even Theo's first time in the spotlight!


Thorisdottir has missed a chunk of this season due to injury. She did have a golden goal in her last game before missing nearly three months of action.

Now with the season on hold, there is no doubt she is one of the most eager to return to action for Chelsea, which remains one point out from first place in the FAWSL. 

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