Peanut Butter & Jelly Is An Iconic Duo, But Is It As Classic As These Pairings You’ll Find At A Soccer Game?

Everyone loves an iconic duo. America’s greatest sandwich, the PB&J, might just be one of the most synonymous pairings in the history of pairings. It’s honestly hard to try to think of a pair that’s more well-known than the PB&J. 

An exhilarating summer of soccer awaits fans in Japan this summer. Perhaps the biggest sport in the world has a couple of pairings that dare to challenge the iconicity of the PB&J. Here are five pairings at soccer games that you simply can’t avoid.

5. Being In The Stands And Having Someone With A Vuvuzela Sit Right Behind You

This duo is as notorious as it is iconic. Why is it that every game you go to there’s always got to be an obnoxious person blowing out your ear drum? Literally, the ball will go out for a throw-in and the vuvuzela behind you will share the sound of its people.

This duo isn’t nearly as desirable as a PB&J. Perhaps our next pairing will be as good.

4. Goalkeepers And Their Weird Personalities

Let’s be real. You must be a crazy person to be a goalkeeper. Only the looniest people willingly agree to sit in goal and let people belt balls at your face as hard as they can. This must be why every goalkeeper is a little quirky.

But would we want them to be any different?

3. Midfielders Creating Chances

A lot like spreading peanut butter on bread, midfielders spread the ball all over the field. What would we do without them? They’re always in the heart of the field working tirelessly to create chances and breakup opposition plays. Be sure to thank a midfielder sometime in the future.

2. A Perfect Volley And The Sound Of The Net

Is there anything more pleasing on the ear?

Now we’re really getting into the desirable category. Everyone who has played soccer knows that feeling when the ball comes off your foot just right. A well-timed volley and the sound of the net catching your rocket-shot is one of the best feelings.

A well-timed volley is nearly as delicious as a PB&J on a summer day.

1. The U.S. Women And Winning

This duo might be it. This could be the one that matches America’s greatest sandwich. The U.S. women seem to know how to do one thing and one thing only: win. 

There’s only one thing to do… combine the combinations! Be sure to stock up on peanuts, grab a PB&J and watch the U.S. women win it all!

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