Denver Not Selected For 2026 World Cup, And It's Unclear If FIFA Ever Knew The City's Exact Location

What in the piss is this map?

The host cities for the 2026 World Cup in Canada, United States and Mexico were chosen on Thursday. A total of 16 cities were selected to be hosts from a field of 22 potential candidates. The 2026 World Cup host cities are as follows.

2026 World Cup Host Cities

The cities that didn’t make the cut include Denver, Edmonton, Nashville, Cincinnati, Baltimore and Orlando.

Don’t feel too bad if your city didn’t get picked because FIFA might have never made it to your city. FIFA doesn’t seem to have any clue where cities in the U.S. are geographically located. 

FIFA posted a graphic of the potential host cities, and it was certainly something to look at and not for good reasons. Whoever made this map needs to study up on their geography.

It’s too bad that Denver, Montana, doesn't get to host. I’m sure those crazy fans in Atlanta, Tennessee, will be thrilled that the World Cup is coming. Dallas, Oklahoma, was clearly a lock to host, obviously.

Kansas City, Iowa, was a surprise pick! Hopefully they emerge from the corn and call it the "Pitch of Dreams."

As a Colorado native I’m absolutely crushed that the World Cup isn’t coming to Montana. Looks like I’ll have to travel to Iowa or Oklahoma to see a game.

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