Hilarious Moment As Player Wearing New Puma Kit Goes To Kiss Club Logo Only To Realize It Doesn’t Exist

Sorry Puma, but these new kits just aren’t it.

The new Puma third kits that dropped this week have many fans talking. Not good talking I might add. If you haven’t seen the latest design from the geniuses working at Puma, then feast your eyes on these bad boys.

It honestly looks like Puma forgot it had to make these kits and did them the night before. Borussia Dortmund was so disgusted that the club reportedly turned down the idea of having to wear these jerseys until May.

One of the biggest issues that fans and players alike have with the new Puma kits is the lack of the club’s crest. Fenerbahce’s Muhammed Gümüskaya demonstrated this to perfection on Thursday with his goal celebration during a Europa League qualifier.

While this moment was hilarious, not enough people are talking about the absolute screamer that Gümüskaya scored ten seconds before his celebration.


If only Puma’s new kits were as nice as Gümüskaya’s goal. Maybe next time, Puma.

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