Fantasy Premier League Song Documents The Trials And Tribulations Of Being A Manager

Oh the trials and tribulations of the 38 week voyage that is Fantasy Premier League. You really go through it all as an FPL manager. Whether it’s seeing the dreaded “Knock- 75% chance of playing” tag or when you get a measly 6 points off a triple captain, the game we love can get frustrating. Luckily for us @fantasyyirma, has brought our frustrations out in a fun, upbeat song that you should probably play when you’re setting your lineup. He touches on all our favorite topics like:

  • Clean Sheets  
  • Needing assists 
  • Prices hiking on players
  • Captain Mo Salah 
  • Mane vs Sane
  • and of course smashing your phone, saying screw this game and giving up forever!

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