Watch: Fans go through lasso gauntlet during insane Mexican halftime entertainment

Halftime entertainment is one of the perks when attending a game in person whether it’s two fans racing, a free kick challenge or some other odd game. Nothing will top what we’ve just seen at Liga MX side Atlas as cowboys lasso soccer fans trying to complete an obstacle course.

Videos from Atlas' Estadio Jalisco show that the Mexican club has found the peak of halftime entertainment. We’ve seen fans try to complete obstacle courses before, but to add some spice they threw in some lassoes.

Two participating fans run through a course and attempt be the first to score a goal against the club’s mascot. The finale of the course is six cowboys — vaqueros — with lassoes trying to tie up the fans running through.

Cowboys lasso soccer fans in Mexico 

Surely the fans signed some sort of waiver beforehand in case of injury because some of those look painful. That first guy got tied up like a pretzel.

The videos have gone mega viral receiving millions of views online.

Well played Atlas. We hope to see more cowboys lasso soccer fans in the future.

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