Bruno Fernandes Proves That Milk Is The Drink Of Champions

There's a new milkman in town.

It's common knowledge that milk is the finest beverage known to mankind. Not only does it strengthen bones and build muscle, it also tastes phenomenal. Milk may not be the beverage of choice for most Premier Leaguers, but one Manchester United player can't get enough of it.

After scoring two delightful goals in a 3-0 win over Brighton and Hove Albion, Red Devils star Bruno Fernandes cooled off on the sideline in the best possible way, with a pint of creamy dairy heaven. 

With so many fixtures stuffed into the remainder of the Premier League season, Fernandes knows that he needs a proper recovery beverage to stay healthy and maintain his fine run of form.

Someone get this man on a "Got Milk?" ad ASAP.

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