Aussie Keeper Makes Horrible Mistake In 90th Minute And NFL Style Tackles Player, Gets Red Carded

A tutorial on how to lose two points.

Western Sydney Wanderers goalkeeper Daniel Margush had a blunder of all blunders on Saturday. With his team up a man and leading 1-0 with only minutes left in the game, the three points were practically guaranteed.

Then disaster struck.

Margush made Edouard Mendy’s goalkeeping error in the Champions League on Tuesday look like child’s play. The Aussie got the ball tangled up under him and then stolen by a pressing attacker. All Margush could do was tackle the attacker like it was rugby or NFL and concede a penalty on top of getting sent off.

Goalkeeper Tackles Player

Brisbane Roar converted the penalty and escaped the game with a point. Neither of these teams have seen much success in the A-League this season as they both sit second and third to last in the standings.

Better luck next time Margush.

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