Aussie Keeper Caught On Video Throwing Peru Goalie’s Water Bottle With PK Cheat Sheet Into Stands

Australia’s backup goalkeeper Andrew Redmayne made himself a legend on Monday with his bizarre antics during a penalty shootout against Peru to send his country to the World Cup. We’ve now learned that he’s not crazy after a Redmayne water bottle incident with Peru’s goalkeeper was caught on camera.

Redmayne isn’t some bearded goof; he’s a cold and calculated evil villain. Every good story needs a villain.

First, let’s provide some context for those who aren’t familiar with what some goalkeepers put on their water bottles during penalty shootouts. Soccer is a game of statistics and data. Some goalkeepers will print out information of their opponents’ penalty kick habits and tape it to their water bottle. Here are some examples.

Having this information allows a goalkeeper to make a more calculated guess as to where the opponent may shoot. 

Redmayne knew Peru’s goalkeeper, Pedro Gallese, was in possession of one of these water bottles. It’s clear now Redmayne’s sole purpose was to cause mayhem. Video has been released of Redmayne stealing Gallese’s water bottle and throwing it into the crowd right as the shootout started.

Redmayne Water Bottle Incident vs. Peru

Redmayne and Australia will most likely not get punished for this stunt. There’s nothing punishable in the laws of the game here. Redmayne’s reputation as a nice guy will certainly take a hit, but when a World Cup is on the line you've got to do anything you can to give your team an advantage.

Australia’s agent of chaos most likely won’t make any appearances in the World Cup in Qatar. The 33-year-old only has three appearances with the national team anyway. If the Socceroos escape the group with France, Denmark and Tunisia then somehow force a knockout game to penalties, we will get to see madman Redmayne again.

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