Abby Wambach’s Partner Can’t Decide What’s For Dinner And It’s Destroying Her

Abby Wambach, the greatest goal scorer in U.S. soccer history, knows how you feel. 

She understands the torment you face every day, the agony of decision plaguing couples every single night. The anguish, frustration and heartache over the inability to make one fucking decision.

Abby Wambach is all of us.

Wambach’s wife, acclaimed author Glennon Doyle, recorded what had to be their millionth debate over what’s for dinner on Wednesday and posted it to social media, as one does. Because they’re popular, famous and hilarious, the interaction was instantly relatable and a joy to behold.

Abby, who seems to have made all of the recent dinner decisions, is trying to coax a choice out of Glennon, who can’t even come up with the slightest idea. 

“In your taste buds, go into your body,” said the woman who until recently was international soccer’s highest all-time scorer. “Tell me what you want! Just tell me! Burgers? Pizza? I’ll do anything!”

Glennon begs for a “genre” of food as if she’s picking a movie but Abby doesn’t bite. Abby is so desperate for Glennon to make an actual decision she even suggests Taco Bell, which is the modern-day equivalent of the classic Simpsons line:

Relationships around the world are enduring these same debates night after night, only heighted by the novel coronavirus pandemic, which limits options. Abby and Glennon merely put a hilarious face on the struggle we all face in the never-ending search for food and companionship. If only we all had Deal A Meal to help us decide what to eat.

So what did Abby and Glennon end up getting for dinner?

Taco Bell, of course.

Abby Wambach Dinner

I love when famous people eat shitty food like the rest of us. Via @glennondoyle | Instagram

On a side note, Glennon Doyle and Abby Wambach's interactions on social media are priceless. 

Just this week, Glennon called out Abby for being way too into bread. 

Recently, the two went back and forth over a comment from one of my favorite musicians Brandi Carlile about drinking from Yeti thermoses.

The interaction ended with the couple getting some free swag. And Yeti, if you’re paying attention, I’d like some free stuff too.

Oh, and if my boss is reading and wondering why I haven’t been getting more clicks lately, take this tweet from a New York Times bestselling author into consideration.

And if anyone needs me, I’ll be at the Taco Bell drive through.

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