VIDEO: Hilarious Ads Prove That Soccer Players Can Dance

Ever said “I’m not a good dancer,” or “sorry, I don’t dance?” Well then, you're in luck. It turns out you can dance according to these outrageously funny new ads by the Spanish soccer magazine Libero

Thanks to these edited loops, the ad shows that everyday soccer moves can actually be your best dance moves. The point of the ad is to show that the publication focuses on covering culture beyond the game of football, in a way that football fans will enjoy. Their slogan is “if they explain it with football, you get it.” 

Here are the ads, and they cover all types of music, so which ever genre tickles your fancy, they have a video for you. But really, do yourself a favor and watch all of them. 

Rock & Roll Football Dancing

Techno Football Dancing 

Cumbia Football Dancing 

Can Can Football Dancing

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