Juventus Have A New Logo, And It Is Stupid

The Old Lady has undergone a transformation in an attempt to become more modern. We think it looks dumb.

After an endeavor to make the Old Lady young again, Juventus FC have a new logo:

So it's a "symbol of the Juventus way of living," huh? This logo doesn't make clear what the "Juventus way of living" actually is, though. It doesn't really make anything clear.

It looks like a lazy fish hook, is all I can gather.

I know which one I prefer too: the old one.

It should be noted that the logo looks better on a jersey than by itself, but it's still not as good as the old logo. Juventus apparently wanted something more modern, and this logo certainly achieves that goal, but at what cost? When does stupidity overrule modernity?

Not yet, apparently.

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