The Grand Tour Weighed In On The "Soccer vs. Football" Debate

Amazon's expensive new car show is hosted by three Brits, which means they stand on the "football" side. Their studio audience disagrees.

The folks over at Amazon's new show The Grand Tour have waded into a very contentious debate: is it "soccer" or "football"?

At their most recent show (which we should mention is nominally a car show) in Nashville, hosts Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond (all Brits) tried to convince the studio audience that "football" is correct.

Nashville wasn't having any of it.

This was probably staged, but it was still entertaining, and a version of an argument that happens many, many times on the Internet every day. After just about every article we post with the word "soccer" in the headline someone feels compelled to comment "actually it's football" and act generally annoyed at our word choice.


(Your comments on this issue are definitely read and mulled over and thought about very deeply by us, and to that end we have set up a one-stop-shop for complaints. If you see us using a word you feel is incorrect regarding the "soccer vs. football" conundrum please email and tell us all about it.)

This isn't the first time The Grand Tour has ventured into the soccer/football world. In a previous episode they had some Chelsea players critique a car Jeremy made.

Chelsea were not impressed, just like the people on the Internet when we use the word "soccer" instead of "football".

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