Please, Please, Please Put This Celebration In FIFA 18

Sir Alex Ferguson’s favorite son has resurfaced and started the latest craze in football.

Oh, Bebe! My sweet, sweet Bebe! Where have you been? Former Manchester United legend Bebe is once again up on our YouTubes, just like when Alex Ferguson signed him for £7 million despite never having seen him actually play. 

Bebe, the quintessential example for the everyman that argues he could score a goal for Manchester United or Barcelona just by virtue of the guys he’s playing with, is back, and his third La Liga goal this term is about to revolutionize FIFA 18.

Just watch and appreciate.

SWEET BEBE with the clothesline! Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to execute a celebration in FIFA but then you run into a teammate, triggering the hugging animation? What if you could just clothesline that guy instead and be on your merry way — the Bebe way?

EA Sports, do you read these articles? Deposit a trillion FIFA Coins into my account to sell on the black market so I know you’re listening.

Ok bye.

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