10-Year-Old Messi Was Freaky Good, Like, Freakier Than The Omen

As a 10-year-old, Lionel Messi was a freakish little child, just like that kid in The Omen.

No disrespect to Lionel Messi, but if your 10-year-old kid started doing this one day in the backyard, would you think “Gee, little Jimmy’s sure showing an inclination towards soccer” or would you think “Gee, little Jimmy may literally be the Devil incarnate”?

Based on a genetic family history more prone to madness than to footballing excellence, I’d opt for the latter. No disrespect to Messi, but if my son were doing this, I’d check for a weird birthmark and ask my local priest for seven sacrificial daggers. 

This little guy is freaky good, and I do want to emphasize the freaky part. According to a perhaps unreliable YouTube commentator (I’m not going to count myself), that’s 110 straight juggles. That’s a gifted left foot, perhaps even too gifted. Maybe it’s a vessel for something decidedly more wicked. 

Anyway, the 2006 version of The Omen isn’t very good, the 1976 version was a lot better.

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