Kevin Mohwald Misses The Easiest Shot Ever. But It Becomes A Pirlo-esque Assist.

Kevin Mohwald's shot would’ve gone out for a throw-in had his teammate not been there.

Kevin Mohwald came as close as he’ll ever be to Andrea Pirlo with this assist for Nurnberg in the German second division. With space and time from eight yards out, Mohwald hits what might’ve been the miss of the season in Germany. Why he’s contorting his body like that and using his foot like a sand wedge we’ll never know, but the effect sends the ball pathetically fluttering sideways. 

Luckily for him, his teammate Abdelhamid Sabiri is there to head it in, and Mohwald doesn’t need to see the club doctor and get evaluated for what the science community refers to as dumb legs.  

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